Data and More Data

"What kinds of data are important for continuous school improvement, and how can educators’ best organize the data for easy access and analysis?" - Berhardt

Demographic, Student Learning, Perceptions, School Processes.

By looking separately at each of the four categories of data, you can answer such questions as:

-  How many students are enrolled in your school this year? (Demographic)

-  How did students at your school score on the state test? (Student Learning)

- What are parent, student, and staff perceptions of the learning environment? (Perceptions)

- What special programs are operating in your school this year? (School Processes)

Bernhardt, V. L., (2003). No Schools Left Behind. Educational Leadership. 60(5), 26-30. Education For the Future EFF

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Making Data Meaningful

Michael Golden, "Making Strides with Educational Data," T.H.E. Journal, 7/1/2005,

Education Technology Consulting Services This group designed and implemented a statewide student identifier system for PDE. This is just a part of the larger education data management initiative called the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS)