SIF Zone

Four Elements make a SIF Zone

Software Application, Data Objects, the Agent, and the ZIS

Software Application
    * A software program implemented with a school or district
SIF Data Object
    * Sets of information shared by software applications using the rules of the SIF Specifications.
    * The contents of Data Objects are defined by the SIF Specifications
    * Data Objects are shared through SIF messages and written using standard XML notation.
SIF Agent
    * A software program, written by a vendor, that serves as the intermediary between the software application and the SIF Zone
    * An Agent is able to publish messages when events occur in its application, react to incoming events, and can request data and process responses from other applications.
    * The Agent publishes and receives messages through the Zone Integration Server (ZIS)
Zone Integration Server (ZIS)
   * A software program that serves as the central communications point in a SIF Zone
   * The ZIS keeps track of all the agents registered in the Zone, and manages all transactions between and among Agents
   * The ZIS is what enables Agents to provide data, subscribe to events, publish events, request data and respond to requests.
   * The ZIS is also responsible for all access control and routing within the Zone.
This information is from:  
“How SIF Works” Spring 2002 p. 7 
"How SIF Works." 2002. T.H.E. Journal 29 (8). Online:

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More on Data Objects

Data Objects --- a standard definition of some piece of school system information. Ex.  Student name, address, phone number. "StudentPersonal" Data Object. If all of the software understand the same data object then the data can be shared.

"The Work Behind SIF's Framework." 2002. T.H.E. Journal 29 (8). Online: